Financial Donations

Thank you for understanding we need donations! We are currently getting ready to accept them by PayPal to a dedicated account, and have a dedicated PO Box. We have a treasurer, and our donations will be used as follows: We need to accrue money to pay expert witnesses and we will hold all donations in escrow for that.Please send a check to our lead Plaintiff at

James R. Hogue
492 Tucker Rd
Plainfield, VT 05667

He will cash it and forward the money to our treasurer who wishes to remain anonymous due to work situations, but who has already donated generously to help us initiate the suit. We have absorbed the related costs thus far by our personal gifts. Your gift will help us secure the next stage. Thank you.

Time and Effort

If a donation of money is not possible for you, we have a few in-kind contributions that will help us. We need help gathering affidavits from those not in the suit as substantiation that the plaintiffs have been harmed because our community has been harmed, and we are affected by that harm.  Affidavits also would be the first step in joining the suit as a plaintiff. We are not currently seeking any more plaintiffs, but we are looking forward to the addition of an attorney from out of state who is seeking permission to make an appearance on our behalf. This attorney will be very helpful, and with his addition we may consider things like becoming a class action.
We need accounts of censorship, discrimination, depression, lost wages, health issues from non-COVID procedures put off, lack of response from your elected officials, and any other issues that have arisen from the lockdowns, fear of vaccine mandates etc. We will guide you to make an affidavit and to help get others to make affidavits. It is not difficult.



Check back for other needed in-kind donations of goods or services, or submit your own fundraising ideas to help pay for the lawsuit..