REAL Health Professionals Speak Out

Dr Andrew Kaufman -- Is COVID-19 really an exosome and not a virus?

Dr Andrew Wakefield -- This is not a vax, it is irreversible genetic modification 


Barbara Loe Fisher -- COVID-19 & Vaccinations - interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola

Brian Proctor cured over 100 COVID-19 patients using HCQ and zinc

Dr Carrie Madej -- Reprogramming of cells without informed consent – interview with Ramola D

Catherine Austin Fitts -- COVID-19 & World Affairs - interview with Dr. Peter Breggin

Dr David Martin -- It’s not a vaccine - the COVID jab is totally experimental gene therapy

Del Bigtree - Website with multiple resources

Prof. Dolores Cahill -- Why people will start dying a few months after the first mRNA vaccination

Dr James Lyons-Weiler at PA Medical Freedom Press Conference

Dr James Meehan - answers 10 questions about COVID-19 (webpage with audio)

Dr Lee Merrit -- Masks: The Science & The Myths

Dr. Michael Yeadon -- No need for vaccines - the pandemic is effectively over

Dr. Pam Popper --  The lawsuit that could end COVID-1984

Dr Pierre Kory -- Testimony before the Senate DHS committee on early COVID treatment

Dr Rashid Buttar -- interview with Gary Franchi blasting Gates, Fauci, and exposing fake pandemic numbers

Robert Kennedy - Website with multiple resources

Dr. Russell Blaylock -- Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy (webpage article)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny - Website with multiple resources

Dr. Simone Gold -- The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Theresa Deisher -- The Coming Covid-19 Vaccine

Dr Vernon Coleman - Website with multiple resources

Due to aggressive censoring of the truth, these resources are continually being taken down from the internet, and have had to be re-uploaded.

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MOST LIES succeed because no one goes through the work to figure out how to catch them. --Paul Ekman